How Well Do You Know Your Skincare Products?

When was the last time you thought – really thought – about the products you put on your skin?

Which skin products should you be using?

How often should you be using them?

Are they really effective?

You should be asking yourself these important questions about your skin products on a regular basis.

Here are the products I assume you are using, and some important points about each one…

1. Cleanser

When it comes to skin cleanser, you only need to use it in the evening. However, you MUST cleanse every evening – that is, unless you need to remove and reapply makeup.

It is important that you use a cleansing product to properly cleanse, to remove all daily pollution and makeup. I am not a fan of the cleansing cloths that use just water.

A good cleanser should be able to remove all makeup in one application. If your cleanser cannot do this, I am going to suggest that you are applying too much foundation, bb cream, or cc cream.

If you are taking care of your skin, you really don’t need to cover it all up unless you need to use camouflage makeup.

Stop comparing your skin to Photoshopped images.

2. Toner/ Lotion

In the olden days, toners or lotions were called astringents because they contained mostly alcohol, which is what gave you that tightening feeling.

The reason they contained mostly alcohol was because in those days, women used cold cream to remove heavy foundations, and alcohol was the only thing that would remove the cold cream.

Nowadays, we have lotions that serve different purposes, depending on the company.

They can be a combination of herbal and essential oils; they may contain acids or they may contain mostly water.

My preference are the ones with herbal and essential oil extracts – they are meant to heal or soothe the skin.

Also, by spraying a lotion on before your hydrator or moisturizer, you will be putting water into your skin, and your moisturizing or hydrating product will spread easier.

3. Moisturizer / Hydrator

Are you using a hydrating product or a moisturizing product?

If your product is water-based (water being the first ingredient), you are using a hydrating product.

If your product is mostly a combination of oils and emulsifiers, then you are using a moisturizer.

Which is best? Well, that depends on your skin’s needs.


4. Serum

Serums are generally made up of active ingredients, and are meant to absorb or penetrate deeper.

Many cosmeceutical companies now suggest using a serum in the A.M., followed by sun block and a cream in the P.M.

5. Eye Cream

It is important to use an eye cream – created specifically for application around your eyes – because generally, eye creams are lighter in texture and contain ingredients that are safe for the eyes.

Will eye cream remove dark circles? Probably not – sometimes you may need a product that addresses pigmentation. It is possible that the dark circles might be an internal issue.

Again, your aesthetician should know best.

6. Neck Cream

Neck cream is absolutely unnecessary, just spread your face serum or cream onto your neck and décolleté – this goes for you too, gents.

7. Cosmeceutical or Cosmetics?

Cosmeceuticals are made up of mostly active ingredients that actually create a change in the skin.

Cosmetics mostly sit on the surface of the skin. They feel good, and your skin will feel moisturized, but that is about it.

For best results, these products should be used daily.

If you are using a good cosmeceutical product, it can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to see results.

Will your wrinkles disappear?  Will you look younger? Absolutely not!

Stop listening to all the hoopla that the industry dishes out.

Your skin will be healthier and have a natural glow, and YOU WILL get compliments

This is just the tip of the ICEBERG, I can go ON and ON!

For more info, come and see me!