My Passion

This is my favourite time of the year as we start to see all sorts of fresh and local produce at the farmers’ markets.

Wild leeks, asparagus and, soon, fresh berries – to name a few.


Buying local has become a religion, I cannot bring myself to buying any of these items,if they come from lands far and beyond, at any other time of year. They just don’t have the same taste, texture or nutritive value.

As a mid-20th century child, born in Baghdad, fresh and local was the only way to eat. For example, I did not taste celery or mushrooms until we moved to Canada.

When we moved to Canada in 1966 most of the fresh food my mother bought, from various markets, was local.

But as farmlands were turned into suburban subdivisions (my parents bought a house in one of those subdivisions), and transportation networks increased, more and more of our foods came from further and further away. 

When I went to live in Paris I was reintroduced to the concept of buying local. There were regular farmers’ markets held in specific locations on any day of the week. I loved the idea of buying vegetables that had just been picked the day before or that morning, directly from the farmer that grew them. Going to the farmer’s markets was also a social outing, as I got several marriage proposals from farmers … but I digress.

Now in 2018 I still strive to buy local produce – as you will see if you take a look at my previous posts. 

We in Southern Ontario are lucky to live near the some of Canada’s best farmlands and many small farms have cropped up (excuse the pun), producing great organic produce. These endeavours, like those located in other provinces and even the territories, are working very hard to produce good quality vegetables, meats and dairy and we need to support them.

How about you?

Are you as passionate as I am about where your food comes from? 

Asparagus is a good source of: 

Beta carotene (pro vitamin. A), Folic acid, Fibre and Potassium and has a low glycemic index.

Wild leeks are a good source of:

Pro- Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Selenium and Chromium

Improve your community and your nutrition with local produce!


My Morning at the Market – Walking the Talk

seta shops

Since  I am always going on and on about eating fresh, organic and local – I thought I would share with you what I purchased this week at one of my local markets.
Every Saturday morning I visit one of two of the farmers markets in Toronto: The BrickWorks and Wychwood Barns. This week it was BrickWorks.

I really am happy about going – I just look like crap when I smile for selfies!



Burt the Buggy on the other hand is very photogenic.


Notice he has 3 wheels – for climbing stairs.Chariot (Shuttle)



Our chariot has arrived! (The Brickworks has a shuttle bus.)


This is what I purchased this week:

white radishes


Fresh young white radishes.
All winter I have been eating radish sprouts – grown in a greenhouse. It was nice to start seeing radishes. They were tender and with sufficient bite!


IMG_2899Asparagus is here!

I may gently roast these and eat them with my goose breast. Why buy chicken when you can get goose!





My other favourites of this time of year – wild leeks.

I may use these when I cook my halibut cheeks.





Yes you read it right – halibut cheeks. They are tender and slightly sweet.

This is Jennifer and her daughter from Fisherfolk, my favourite fishmongers.



Then there is Lesia Kohut, she makes all sorts of delicious treats.
This week I bought her Pumpkin Lima Dip

Lesia is  an incredible pastry chef and she is also a nutritional health coach.




I love cooking – but I suck at baking (just as well because then I would be as big as a house).

So, I go to de Floured Bakery for galettes, quiches and, my once a week sweet treat, tarts.



These are gluten-free baked goods.

I have been gluten-free for 35 years  – so it is not a trend thing – I have Celiac.

I am, however, pretty thrilled that gluten-free became a trend because, finally, there are great quality products being made.

Until next time, bon appetit!