What we eat governs health, mood, energy, aging and wellbeing.

Following Ayurvedic principles, each individual client’s biochemical blueprint will be analysed so that Seta can begin to address the body’s needs. By realigning the diet and re-balancing the body, optimal health, longevity, energy, enhanced immune system, mood control and healthy aging can be achieved. From this initial assessment, a dietary regime is custom tailored to your body’s needs to achieve maximum efficiency and health. It is easy to follow and can be smoothly integrated into your busy lifestyle.

Your personal dietary regime is based on specific food selection best suited for your body. It includes various herbs and supplements.


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  1. Congratulations Seta! I miss your great facial. I think that your facials are one of the finest in this city. I love that you are hidden away and that your gem of a space gives the feeling of being away and being pampered.

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