My journey and my purpose

By 17 years of age I knew that I wanted to become an esthetician, so at 19 I went to Paris to pursue my ambition. I chose Paris because the esthetic industry there was very advanced.  There were more schools with international reputations to choose from in Paris. The city also provided me the opportunity to learn a new language and absorb another culture.

I visited over a dozen schools. I wanted a program that included the sciences and did not promote a specific, commercial line of products.

While studying anatomy and physiology, I realized that my own body was not functioning normally. I dove into the world of nutrition, studying the benefits of vitamins and minerals; both for healthy skin and body.

When I returned to Toronto I began to seek out organic and healthy nutritional products. Within the scope of my esthetics practice I encouraged clients to pursue a healthy diet & lifestyle. In 2000 I went back to school and became a holistic nutritionist.

Since that time, I have combined my education and experience as both an esthetician and holistic nutritionist to help my clients achieve wellness, beauty and peace of mind.


  1. Seta’s considerable experience, knowledge, and realistic, no-nonsense approach kept me coming back for many years. It’s about health, not about cosmetics. I no longer live in Toronto, and I miss my regular facials with Seta enormously…I’ve never had a better treatment. Missing you, Seta!

  2. I have trusted Seta with my skincare for most of my adult life and the number of people who incorrectly guess my age is a testament to her knowledge and skill! Also, her face massage rates very highly on my list of favourite things.

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