What Can I Do for You – as a Certified Nutritional Consultant?

What can I do for you as a Certified Nutritional Consultant?

You are in control of your health. Let me offer the expertise to put you on the right path. iStock_000016761568Large
Let me help you to make the health improvements you desire, and lead you through the maze of information out there about foods, diets and supplements. I can coach you through your program and adjust it as you begin to experience positive changes.

I can help you understand why you are feeling the way you do, and how you can help your body rebalance itself.

Nutritional counselling begins with a full analysis of the individual’s nutritional needs (through an intensive health history review and questionnaires). I can give you the guidance to make health improvements through changes in food choices, eating habits, and lifestyle, which are in line with your health goals.

A nutritional program along with
herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes are recommended according to the biological blue print of each person to encourage the body to heal itself and achieve optimal health.

I embrace a holistic approach to wellness through nutritional consulting, Skin care, Ayurvedic bodywork and Manual lymphatic Drainage.
I can help you create an environment for your body that is healthful, stress free and radiant with life and energy.cycling

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