• My clients trust my expertise.  

There are a lot of products and skin care salons with people behind them who embellish when they talk about results. I don’t. I’m fascinated with biochemistry. If clients want the information, I’ll explain the product ingredients or the purpose of a procedure.  I’m direct and up-front and my clients like that about me.

  •  Customized facials are my specialty.chin_plant_pencils

I trained in Paris, France and have been offering esthetics treatments for over 30 years. I used to offer manicures and pedicures and other full-service salon treatments.  But the truth is I really enjoy assessing and treating my clients’ skin. I’m passionate about skin care. It’s who I am and I can live with that.

  •  I only use the finest quality products.

I carefully researched different products and their efficacy before deciding on the four international skin care product lines that I both sell and use in my treatments. I will also analyze product ingredients to ensure clients get the best possible results from products they are using that I don’t carry at the Clinic.  

  •  My rates are competitive.

 Healthy, radiant skin does not have to be expensive. As a sole proprietor, I can charge less than the full-service salons because I don’t have an overhead that includes a salaried staff and I don’t lease a retail space. I offer customized facials and treatments in a subdued setting in the heart of Toronto’s Rosedale neighbourhood.

  •  I help my clients to be their best selves.

The skin is the largest body organ and it reveals a lot about our health. To help my clients look and feel their best, I also offer the following services:

  • Holistic nutrition counselling
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Ayurvedic bodywork

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